1. Draka Keila Cables refunds all K- drums according to the valid price list.
  2. Full truck load of drums (13,6ldm) from the Client’s central warehouse to Keila is paid by Draka Keila Cables AS.
  3. Draka Keila Cables issues a refund invoice to the client.
  4. Draka Keila Cables refunds only drums which are issued by Draka.
  5. Unknown drums demolition is charged 100 €/ pcs.
  6. Draka Keila Cables is not liable for the correct refunding if the drums are not returned according to the refund instructions.


Each delivery needs to have a delivery note with the following details

2.1 Senders name, address, contact person, their number and email.
2.2  Beneficiary of the compensation, address, contact person,  their number and email (if it is different from the Sender’s e-mail).
2.3  Type and quantity of the returnable drums.

Return address: Vida Packaging Eesti OÜ, Keki tn. 7, Keila tel.: +372 55989385
Open on weekdays: 8.00-16.00
For more information, please contact our Customer care representatives.