CPR regulation

Construction Products Regulation – is the European Union’s set of rules, the purpose of which is to regulate the restrictions affecting fire and building materials used in the production of hazardous substances.

The regulation will apply to all construction products intended for use in building and civil engineering. The standard covers all power and Installation cables, control cables, telecommunication cables as well as communication and data transmission cables. Construction Products Regulation purpose is to ensure that all devices that are installed and used in the European Union, would be assessed, classified and recognized using the same criteria.

Construction Products Regulation will include:

  • Installation cables and wires;
  • Power cables;
  • Control cables;
  • Telecommunications cables;
  • Communication and data transmission cables.

Six new reaction to fire classes

Construction Products Regulation includes seven new security classes from A to F, where the letter A represents a non-flammable product, and F – the reaction to fire characteristics have not been determined. According to the new classification, cables usually are divided into classes B, C, D and E. There are also additional criteria which determine the requirements of a quantity of smoke during combustion, falling droplets during combustion, acidity of the smoke and electrolytic conductivity.

CPR application 
Cable Construction Products Regulation came into force on 1st July 2016. Transitional period was one year, during which the entire supply chain must comply with the new set of rules for production and stocks. Starting 1st July 2017 all cables used in buildings will have to comply with the Construction Products Regulation.
It is therefore important to ensure that your cable production warehouse stocks would be designed and tested under the construction products regulation. For this you need to check whether the purchased cables are identified on the label  and whether the product retailer has proving document – declaration of performance. The declaration of performance is a document issued by the manufacturer, which contains all relevant information such as the manufacturer’s data, product name and number, the metrics used in the evaluation system, applicable standards, building products certification bodies and product features. Using a standardized declaration of performance  products can be conveniently compared with each other and easily chosen for the most suitable application.

Safety is a must. 
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