Halogen free, shielded installation cable for fixed installation indoors and outdoors, in pipes, channels, in or under plaster, and suspended in the suspension cable. UV protected for outdoor use in the Nordic countries. The conductor insulation shall be protected against UV light in lighting fixtures and light signs. Not in EX classified areas.

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Please use respective codes in DoP finder provided below.

Cable name DoP number Material number
EXLQ-Pure 3G1,5 B250 1000310 20164988
EXLQ-Pure 3G1,5 K6/500 1000311 20164989
EXLQ-Pure 3G1,5 R50 1000312 20164992
EXLQ-Pure 3G2,5 B150 1000313 20164994
EXLQ-Pure 3G2,5 K6/500 1000314 20164995
EXLQ-Pure 3G2,5 R50 1000315 20164996
EXLQ-Pure 4G1,5 B200 1000316 20164997
EXLQ-Pure 4G1,5 R50 1000318 20164999
EXLQ-Pure 4G2,5 K6/500 1000319 20165001
EXLQ-Pure 5G1,5 B150 1000320 20165003
EXLQ-Pure 5G1,5 K6/500 1000321 20165004
EXLQ-Pure 5G1,5 R50 1000322 20165006
EXLQ-Pure 5G2,5 B150 1000323 20165008
EXLQ-Pure 5G2,5 K6/500 1000324 20165009
EXLQ-Pure 5G2,5 R50 1000325 20165010